Attending Events, Wedding Etiquette

Wedding Events: How Do I Attend Them All?

With wedding season back in full swing, many of you are experiencing an overwhelming social calendar as well as a rapidly declining bank account. As excited as everyone is to celebrate the big moments in the lives of family members and friends, it can be quite the personal commitment causing you to make decisions based… Continue reading Wedding Events: How Do I Attend Them All?


Presidential Forms of Address

Today is an exciting day in the protocol world! The Presidential Inauguration is one of the biggest displays of protocol on one the grandest stages. The Inauguration requires following the order of precedence to create the arrival and departure order, seating arrangements, and overall order of ceremony; as well as adhering to flag protocol, military… Continue reading Presidential Forms of Address

Holiday Celebrations!

Friendsgiving: COVID Edition

The weekend prior to Thanksgiving is traditionally the most popular time for groups to host Friendsgiving. With the COVID-19 guidelines changing and restrictions tightening, is it still possible to host Friendsgiving? If it is, how so? Here are my tips to help keep you "COVID compliant" while celebrating! Keep the celebration to your "quarantine pod."Throughout… Continue reading Friendsgiving: COVID Edition


Football Season COVID Edition

Football season has been underway for a little while, but today is especially exciting because it is the return of BIG10 Football which means it is prime time for one of my favorite past times! As a BIG fan of college football (Go Terps! 🐒), it is one of the many reasons why Fall is… Continue reading Football Season COVID Edition

A Terrific Hostess

Celebrating Amidst COVID

With my birthday right around the corner, my excitement is in abundance! While the glitter, frosting, and sprinkles are still flowing, there is no doubt the celebrations this year will look a bit different due to the COVID Pandemic. I have been thinking about what goes into making a celebration special and how to keep… Continue reading Celebrating Amidst COVID

Everyday Etiquette

The Art of a Thank You

I was recently asked if writing a formal thank you note is still necessary given the ease of thanking someone so easily and immediately due to technology. While technology does have the ability to greatly enhance our communication, it is not a replacement for traditional etiquette. So, what should you do to properly thank someone?… Continue reading The Art of a Thank You

Everyday Etiquette

Fun with Flags: Flag Day Edition

This weekend we celebrate Flag Day! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ In honor of this holiday, I am channeling my inner Sheldon Cooper and hosting my own "episode" of Fun with Flags. Flag Day is celebrated each June 14th on the anniversary of the Flag Resolution of 1777 which declared Old Glory as the flag of our Nation. As… Continue reading Fun with Flags: Flag Day Edition

A Polished Professional

How To: Appropriately Handle Work Stress

What is there to do when your workload is piling up and the requests keep coming in? Short of staying late and working extra hard to get it all done, how can you handle the stress level appropriately and graciously? Minimize the Distractions Put your phone away. If you are someone who keeps your personal… Continue reading How To: Appropriately Handle Work Stress

Everyday Etiquette

Being Polite While Using Your Cell Phone

As a result of the tech-age we currently live in, a lot has changed when it comes to social interactions; however, some things should not change. Being polite during social interactions and being respectful to those around you should always be at the forefront of your mind. Seeing as we use technology, especially our cell… Continue reading Being Polite While Using Your Cell Phone