Summer Transitions

Every year, the summer seems to be a time of transition. From moving to preparing for new jobs or school programs, people often use the summertime as a jumping off point for “turning a new leaf” in the Fall. Transitioning to a new norm or starting an entirely new adventure can certainly be a trying time. When family and friends are going through these transitions, I think it is extremely important to show them you are thinking about them. Here are a few simple ways to do so:

  1. Send a card!
    In the modern day and age of technology, handwritten notes have gone by the wayside. However, I still believe receiving a piece of mail that has nothing to do with bills, credit cards, or advertisements and instead has everything to do with Y-O-U will always put a smile on your face! Sending a card is a simple and easy way to let someone know you are thinking about them and much more personal than sending a text message. If a friend is starting a new grad school program or job, send a “Good Luck” card with some positive vibes and inspiration. If someone has moved to a new place, send a bright and cheery housewarming card.
  2. Send flowers!
    After a long day at a new job or in class, it is always nice to return home to a pretty floral arrangement. If the flowers are for someone who just moved, they can help brighten up a new home or apartment while getting settled.
  3. Send a housewarming gift
    Even if the person is not hosting a housewarming party, it is always nice to send a little something new for his/her new place. A hand towel, picture frame, candle, or book for the coffee table are all great options! Sending a potted plant is another idea. Like flowers, they help to brighten up a new space!

I hope this post gives you a few ideas on how to reach out to your family and friends starting something new and also encourages you to do so! For all of you who are starting or have started new adventures (professional, educational, or location), I wish you the very best! If you have questions about any of these ideas or something I did not mention, please leave a comment!

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