Welcome to Positively Proper!

Hello Sophisticated Ladies!

Welcome to Positively Proper! I am Alexandra and I am so excited to be sharing this adventure in the world of Protocol and Etiquette with you. While working as a Protocol Specialist in the Washington, DC area, I have learned a lot about Protocol and Etiquette in modern society. Now, I know what some people are thinking… Protocol and Etiquette are stuffy subjects. I am here to show you they are not! Protocol and Etiquette can be fun and extremely relatable. What Protocol and Etiquette are really all about is putting your best foot forward and being confident as you do. Protocol and Etiquette apply in every day life and can truly make a difference at work, at home, with friends, and even during interactions with strangers. They also apply to social events, being a hostess, personal and professional fashion, and so much more!

As I continue experiencing and learning more through my job and everyday run-ins with Protocol and Etiquette matters, I will share my experiences with you. Please share your thoughts and questions with me! I am sure we all encounter similar situations and have some of the same questions as we meet new people, venture to new places, and attend fabulous events! This blogging adventure is all about learning and helping other Sophisticated Ladies shine even brighter!

Sparkle On,



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