House Sitting the Appreciated Way

This week, I have been house sitting. When we are in someone else’s home, everyone wants to make sure they do not mess anything up or break anything, but when you are house sitting and actually in charge of someone else’s things, a lot more goes into it. Here are my tips on ensuring you have a successful house sitting experience and are given the opportunity to help out again!

  1. Keep things neat and tidy – Everyone likes to come home to a clean house!
    • If you are staying at the house and not just checking in on it every day, keep the room and bathroom you are using clean. Before the owner(s) return home, have your things packed and clean the rooms have been used.
    • When using the kitchen, wipe down the counter tops and clean all the kitchenware you have used. If there is a dishwasher, be sure to run and empty it before the owner(s) return home.
    • If you use the living/entertainment room, put everything back where it was and make the room look “fresh.” Fold any blankets you used, fluff the pillows on the couch/chair, and push back all the cushions.
    • Do not rearrange someone else’s things.
  2. Do not have people over!
    • First, you will you never get away with it! The neighbors will call the owner(s) and tell them something is going on in the home. Just like this (click for video)!
    • Second, if something happens in the owner(s) home (i.e. something breaks, something goes missing, someone gets hurt, etc.), the responsibility is on you, but the outcome ultimately is left for the owner(s) to deal with when they return home.
    • Third, the space and belongings are not yours and no one wants people going through their personal items. Do not let this happen (click for video)!
  3. Organize mail and deliveries in one place
    • A great idea is to keep a basket by the front door or in a mud room for daily mail.
    • If the owner(s) are expecting a delivery, make sure you are there to receive it. No one likes receiving the postcard from the delivery person that states you missed your delivery and need to pick it up at the local office.
  4. Follow the instructions for taking care of animals and plants
    • If you are taking care of pets, ensure all cages are fully closed after feedings and cleanings and the doors to the home are never left open.
    • Follow the pets’ schedule. Be sure they are taken care of just like the owner(s) take care of them.
    • If you have been tasked with watering the garden or potted plants inside, ask how often and what to use and make sure you understand the instructions.
  5. Befriend the neighbors!
    • The owner(s) will have let their neighbors know someone is house sitting so when you see them outside, be friendly and introduce yourself. You never know, maybe they are also looking for someone to house sit and if you make a good impression and come highly recommended, you may find yourself with more “clients!”

I hope these tips come in handy the next time you are house sitting! If you have any questions about these tips or something I did not mention, certainly let me know!

Happy House Sitting!

Sparkle On,


P.S. Thanks to Total Divas for having a couple excellent clips!


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