Do’s and Don’ts of the Office Holiday Party

In most offices, it is tradition to have an Office Holiday Party. From the potluck luncheon at the office to the after-hours party at the boss’ home, there are a variety of celebrations that take place! No matter the setting, many of the same etiquette rules applies. This week, I am sharing my Do’s and Don’ts of the Holiday Office Party.

  • 🙂 Do:
      • Keep it professional!
      • Dress appropriately and professionally. If you want to add a touch of festive decoration (holiday colors, a little bit of shimmer, holiday jewelry) that is perfectly acceptable.
    Graphic Credit: The Classy Cubicle

    Graphic Credit: The Classy Cubicle

    Graphic Credit: The Classy Cubicle

    Graphic Credit: The Classy Cubicle

    Graphic Credit: The Classy Cubicle

    Graphic Credit: The Classy Cubicle

    • Take a host/hostess gift if the party is being held at the boss’ home.
    • If it is a pot luck, be sure to sign up to bring something and bring what you say you will.
      • If you are not a good cook, sign up to bring utensils, decorations, or something other than food. You can also bring something store-bought; however, you should put it on a pretty platter and not bring it in the store containers.
    • Have a little snack before you go. It is not proper to pile up your plate because you starved yourself all day and want to pig-out.
    • Arrive on time and stay for a good portion of the party.
      • Do not be the person who shows up for 5 minutes and then leaves.
      • Do not linger at the end of the party and be the last person to leave.
    • Socialize with everyone, not just your closest friends. The Holiday Office Party is about boosting morale and enhancing the office community so, reach out to those you do not see/talk to on a regular basis and start building new relationships.
    • Participate in the gift exchange, games, etc. that go on during the party.
    • Find your boss and the host/hostess before you leave and thank them for having the party and including you.
  • :/ Do Not:
    • Miss the party. Unless you have an urgent matter or a conflicting obligation, you are expected to be there.
      • If you have a conflict, express the situation to your boss and apologize for your absence.
      • If it is a potluck, still send something to contribute to the party. If it is hosted by your boss, still send a host/hostess gift.
    • Dress like a houchy-mama! An after-work party does not mean you are going to the club.
    • Take a guest if you were not invited to bring one. Check your invitation to be sure.
    • Talk with food in your mouth.
    • Get drunk at the party. No matter how many times you are told to “have a good time,” it will reflect on your professional reputation if you say something inappropriate, become sloppy, and in general, embarrass yourself.
      • Stay professional! You can always go out with your friends afterwards!

Remember these tips as you head to your Office Holiday Party! Most importantly, be professional, but still enjoy yourself and the time with your colleagues!

Happy Holidays!

Sparkle On,



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