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Sitting Like a Lady

The other night, I was watching an entertainment news show and noticed a small, yet very prominent difference about the three women on camera. Two were sitting with their leg over the other knee while the third sat with her legs crossed at her ankles.

Crossing at the Knee vs. Crossing at the Ankle
Crossing at the Knee vs. Crossing at the Ankle

Seeing this difference, it hit me.. Sitting like a lady truly makes a difference!

Photo Credit: Zimbio
Photo Credit: Zimbio

To sit like a lady,

  1. Cross your legs at your ankles and keep your knees together.
    • Aside from the idea that this is the “traditional” way to sit like a lady, it really matters in today’s world of changing fashion. As shorter hems and high leg slits have become fashionable, crossing at your ankles prevents you from showing too much leg and saves you the embarrassment of someone seeing up your skirt.
    • Side note: Crossing at your ankles relieves pressure on your knee and can help to prevent spider veins!
  2. Sit up tall with your shoulders straight.
    • Not only is this good for your posture and a way to reduce back strain, this is a much more inviting and attentive posture than being hunched over in your seat.
  3. Keep your head up.
    • Your chin should be slightly up to ensure you are looking forward rather than down which can also lead to slouching.
  4. Place your hands in your lap.
    • Keeping your hands in your lap helps to maintain your upright posture by avoiding leaning on one of the arm rests.
  5. Face the person to whom you are giving your attention.
    • This may require you turn slightly in your chair, but it signals the individual that you are giving them your attention and are focused on what they are saying.
  6. Smile! 🙂
    • Everything looks better with a smile!
  7. Variations?
    • Leaving Legs Uncrossed: If you choose not to cross your legs, ensure you keep your knees and ankles together with your legs straight or slightly off to the side.
      Photo Credit: People
      Photo Credit: People

      Photo Credit: Beaumont Etiquette
      Photo Credit: Beaumont Etiquette

As you can see, the one lady who has this truly mastered is the Duchess of Cambridge. So, let us all take a lesson from her and add this piece of etiquette into our repertoire!

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