Hosting Tips: Welcoming House Guests

Photo Credit: graphicalinteriors

Photo Credit: graphicalinteriors

With summer just around the corner, lots of people’s travel schedules are getting busy which also means lots of us will be welcoming house guests. What can you do to help your guests feel right at home? Here are my tips for being an excellent host/hostess!

  1. Confirm Travel Plans with Your House Guests
    • Prior to the arrival of your house guests, double check the dates with them and ensure you have the right ones on your calendar.
    • The day of travel, check-in with your house guests so you know when they plan to arrive.
      • If they are traveling by plane, it is always good to know their airline and flight number so you can check to see if their flight is on time or delayed when going to meet them at the airport.
      • If you know traffic in your area is bad at a certain time or certain roads are worse than others, offer this helpful information to ease their travel stress.
    • If your guests are driving to your home, reserve them a parking space or offer them the “prime” parking spot at your home.
  2. Create a Welcoming Guest Room.
    • Make a cute sign/photo frame that has the WiFi password posted.
    • Put extra pillows and blankets in the closet.
    • If you use your guest room for extra closet/storage space, be sure to clear some room for your guests to hang their clothes or put them in the dresser.
    • Have a luggage rack in the room.
    • Put together a toiletry basket (travel size soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, cotton balls, band-aids, etc.) and leave it on the bathroom counter in case your guest forgot anything.
    • Ensure the room smells clean, but avoid using too much fragrance – some people get headaches from overly scented rooms.
    • If there are any “funny things” about the room or your home, let your guests know ahead of time. For example, if the shower starts in an intricate way, explain how to use it.
  3. Plan Your Menu and/or Make Reservations in Advance.
    • If there are things you know your guests like (a snack food, certain type of soda, etc.), try to stock up on a few things you know they will enjoy and be sure to tell them to “help themselves.”
    • Be aware of any dietary restrictions and/or food allergies.
    • Make sure you have breakfast foods. Often times, breakfast is not the meal we eat out so it helps to have choices for the morning meal!
    • Having refreshments and hors o’Doeurves at your home is a nice touch before going out for dinner.
  4. Have Fun Things Planned/Be Knowledgeable of Your Area
    • If your house guests are in town just for a fun visit, look into local activities (food tastings, art shows, concerts, etc.), tourist sites, and new places to take them. Be sure to add in some of your local favorites too!
      • If you have things planned ahead of time, let your guests know! This helps them plan around what they will already be doing and also lets them know what they need to pack.
      • Be cautious of how much you have planned. Traveling and touring is tiring, your guests will need some down time.
    • If your house guests are in town for a special occasion, be understanding of their commitment, but offer to show them around or do something together in their free time.

What have you appreciated your host/hostess doing when you have been a house guest? Are there special things you do to welcome your house guests? I would love to hear from you all! Happy Hosting!

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