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Email Correspondence: Client vs. Professional

In your professional life, you have emails down to a science, but when it comes to your personal life, do you know how to transition from the expert to the client? While we are all boss ladies (and gentlemen) in the office, many of us struggle with how to communicate as a client in our personal lives… Ever been stuck waiting to hear back on an email you sent? I think we all have. As the thought crosses your mind, “Should I email him/her again.. call instead? How long should I wait for an answer? Did I write too much?,” you start to wonder how to best communicate and follow up with others. Truthfully, this can be one of the more frustrating things we face in everyday life as part of a technology reliant society. So, here are my tips to help alleviate some of this stress!

  1. Timeliness
    • As a client, it is just as important to be responsive in a timely manner in your personal life as it is in your professional life. While you may be the client, the person you are communicating with is a professional and this is his/her business so he/she is relying on you!
    • If you know you are going to be away for a while or unable to communicate regularly, let your contact know that in advance. Anyone appreciates a heads up that allows them to know when the appropriate time to follow up will be. If you are off enjoying a vacation, no one wants to be the individual who nagged you during it! 😉
  2. Include all the details
    • Rather than bombarding someone with piecemeal emails each containing one question, send one concise email including all the details and questions you have on a topic. Be specific so your contact knows what to expect from you as a client, but also has all the tools he/she needs to do the job well.
    • If you are unsure about something, ask the professional. I guarantee he/she prefers to answer your questions ahead of time rather than be in a situation where a misunderstanding happens.
      • Side note: If you have been provided with resources from your contact, be sure to read and review them. It is very possible your questions will be answered there!
    • Schedule a call or meeting to discuss everything. While email is great for keeping a record of things, it is always possible that something will be understood differently by the recipient. Having the opportunity to talk through everything will clear-up any questions or differences of ideas!
  3. Know the best form of communication for the person you are contacting: This is possibly one of the most important factors in following up with an individual.
    • If your contact prefers email, then stick to email. Depending on the importance/deadline of what you are discussing, that will give you an idea of when to follow up (i.e. a week for something further out, two days for something upcoming in the next week, etc.). If it is an urgent matter, I highly suggest flagging the email when sending and honestly, simply call the person. Sometimes, if you need an answer, you just need the answer and promptly.
    • Despite the fact that we all have technology, it does not mean it is the way we all prefer to communicate. For some, receiving an email is simply a method to get the information in writing or have the needed documents provided to them; however, for these people, the true preferred means of communication is a phone call or in-person meeting. For an individual with this preference, send the email and then immediately follow it up with a calendar invite for a call or meeting to discuss the information. For something on a smaller scale, it is always OK to call your contact after sending the email to quickly talk through it or even to leave a voicemail explaining.
    • Similar to the individual who prefers a call, some people prefer to communicate over text message. While I do not recommend this as your primary source of communication, it can be a great follow-up tool! If you are awaiting a response to your email and you know your contact is OK with and prefers texting, send a respectful text message following up. Something similar to, “Hi Ann! Checking in to follow up on the email I sent a couple days ago. Will you let me know when you have a chance to review it? Happy to setup a call to discuss or feel free to email back with your feedback. Thanks!”

Now lets get out there and dominate the communication world on all fronts! For more information on general email etiquette, read my previous post!

Cheers y’all!



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