Having a Successful, First Professional Interaction

This¬†week, I have the opportunity to connect with a professional in my field and ask her my questions about her career, the field, and what it takes to “make it.” I want to ensure I make a great first impression so I have put a lot of time into preparing for my phone call with her. Part of my prep has been to think about what goes into making this a¬†great¬†conversation¬†so,¬†I¬†am¬†sharing some tips on how to have a successful professional interaction.

  1. Do your research!
    • Find the professional’s bio and be familiar with his/her backgroud and professional story.
    • If the professional has started their own company, business, etc., research that as well.
    • Check out his/her social media (TV appearances/interviews, LinkedIn, Twitter, Professional Website or Blog, Professional Facebook page, Pinterest etc.).
    • Pull out some “fun facts” or things you have in common to show you are interested in him/her as an individual and not just a professional. This also helps ease into the business conversation.
  2. Be prepared
    • Once you have done your background research, create a list of questions and topics you want to discuss. Come up with new and inventive questions! By this, I mean make sure your questions are not answered by the information readily available to you in the research you did in step one. If you have questions about¬†career progression, ask for suggestions on how to gain experience, what credentials are important in the field, and what¬†training/educational opportunities are available.
  3. Be persistent, yet patient and polite
    • It may take a few tries before hearing back from the person or being able to schedule a time to meet with him/her. Make sure you ask the professional, “When is best for your schedule?” and find a way to meet the time they give you.
    • It may not be possible to meet the person as quickly as you hope. The fact you are establishing contact via email or phone before being able to meet in a person is a great accomplishment and first step so keep¬†in touch¬†with the individual!
  4. Be focused
    • Whether meeting in person or speaking over the phone, environment is key. Be sure to choose a location with minimal distractions and not a lot of noise: You want to ensure you will stay engaged in the conversation (and be able to hear!).
      • If the meeting is taking¬†place in person and not at the professional’s office, choose a small, quiet coffee shop or bistro where you can sit¬†and talk easily.
      • If you will be speaking over the phone, be sure you are sitting somewhere you will not be distracted by other people.
        • Close the door to your office, room, etc.
        • Silence notifications on your phone
        • Do not have things open on your computer which will distract you
  5. Express your gratitude and thanks!
    • The professional you are connecting with no doubt has a busy schedule because he/she is successful in the field (after all, that is why you are making the connection!). Be sure to thank him/her each time you connect.
      • For example, “Thank you for be so willing to speak/meet with me. I greatly appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule.”
    • You can always send a thank you note! People appreciate you taking the time to recognize their effort.

I hope these tips give you a boost of confidence to make a positive and successful professional interaction. Now get out there and start networking! If you have questions about any of these tips or something I did not mention, please leave a comment!

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Strangers Everywhere? Make a Positive First Impression!

This past week, I attended a protocol training course. On the first day of the course, the organization hosted an “Opening Night” which consisted of a welcome social. I had¬†prepared for the course for¬†quite¬†a while, but¬†that evening, I realized I did not know anyone attending and I suddenly got nervous. What was I going to do when I walked into a room full of people I did not know? The majority¬†would be older than me and much more experienced in the field.¬†As we have all been told, “You only get one chance at a first impression.”¬†I¬†wanted to¬†make a positive first impression on these new professional colleagues¬†and not show the nerves I felt!

After thinking about it for a while before arriving and then reflecting on the experience afterwards, I came up with the following tips on how to successfully navigate these types of first interactions:

  1. Be confident!
    • When you walk into the room, stand tall with your shoulders back and smile. Do not play with your hair, jewelry, or clothing and do not be on your phone or any other tech device. Fidgeting can relay nervousness or apprehension – even if you are, do not show it!
    • Do not burst through the doors like a diva demanding attention. Instead, walk in gracefully and make eye contact with the others in the room. Most importantly, remember to smile!
  2. Find an Individual or a Group of People to Join
    • Look around the room to find another individual who is there by him/herself or a group of individuals who appear to be talking casually.
      • Do not choose a group who looks to be “too tight” and deeply engaged in a personal conversation. Groups like that may be dear friends catching up or coworkers discussing office matters and joining their conversation¬†can set you up for failure seeing as you do not know the background details to equally contribute to the conversation.
    • Once you have found an inviting individual or group, approach and ask, “May I join you?” Most individuals are more than happy to meet someone new!
  3. Introduce Yourself!
    • Once you have found an individual or group, make eye contact with someone and extend your hand. Give a gentle yet affirming handshake (you do¬†not want to¬†crush someone’s hand, but you also do not want to¬†be like a wet noodle!).¬†Keep eye contact during the handshake¬†and introduce yourself.
    • When you tell someone your name,¬†use your first and last name! Your last name anchors you as a person and¬†makes a¬†more professional¬†statement.¬†Using your last name also sets you apart from anyone else in the room who may have the same first name as you.¬†Equally as important,¬†state your first name as you like to be called.
      • For example, my name is Alexandra and I prefer to be called Alexandra, NOT Alex. Therefore, I always introduce myself saying, “Hi! I am Alexandra Bitonti.” If I am introduced by someone else and he or she refers to me as “Alex,” I politely extend my hand and say, “Nice to meet you, I am Alexandra.” so the new individual hears my name as I like to be known.
  4. Prepare Easy Conversation Starters
    • Think of a few easy, friendly¬†questions or talking points¬†you can use to start a conversation.
      • “Where do you work? What do you do?” – At business gatherings, this is great¬†for networking. After all, it is why you are there!
      • “Where are you from?” – If you have been there before, chat about the city. If not, ask about the area.
      • “Have you taken any vacations this summer or do you have one planned?” –¬†People love to talk about¬†their travels!
      • “Where did you go to school?” – If it is football season (or any other sport’s¬†season), school pride and sports are¬†a great conversation starter and¬†can lead into a variety¬†of other topics. **Go Terps!**

Overall, the biggest takeaway from this is to be confident when meeting new people! Tell yourself, “I have got this,” smile big, and then walk tall into the room and show everyone just¬†how much you shine!

I hope these tips help give you extra confidence to make a positive and memorable first impression! If you have any questions or there is something I have not mentioned here, please leave a comment. I love hearing from my readers!

Sparkle On,