Presidential Forms of Address

Today is an exciting day in the protocol world! The Presidential Inauguration is one of the biggest displays of protocol on one the grandest stages. The Inauguration requires following the order of precedence to create the arrival and departure order, seating arrangements, and overall order of ceremony; as well as adhering to flag protocol, military… Continue reading Presidential Forms of Address


Football Season COVID Edition

Football season has been underway for a little while, but today is especially exciting because it is the return of BIG10 Football which means it is prime time for one of my favorite past times! As a BIG fan of college football (Go Terps! šŸ¢), it is one of the many reasons why Fall is… Continue reading Football Season COVID Edition


Work-Life Balance: Having a Social Life on a Budget

After the holidays and along with new year resolutions, a common theme to focus on is financial wellness. As young professionals making our way in our careers and becoming established on our own, it is very common to go through periods when we struggle to keep a healthy work-life balance. Whether it is from a… Continue reading Work-Life Balance: Having a Social Life on a Budget


Take a Tour, A Wine Tour!

Happy Fall y'all! With the leaves changing and the crisp autumn air upon us, I know many of you will be off to the vineyards for wine tastings! For those of us (including me!) who are not wine connoisseurs, ordering wine can be intimidating if you are not knowledgeable of the different types or what… Continue reading Take a Tour, A Wine Tour!


Welcome to Positively Proper!

Hey y'all! Welcome to Positively Proper! I am Alexandra andĀ I am beyond excited to be sharing thisĀ adventure in the world of Protocol and Etiquette with you. I first had this idea in 2014 and over the last five years, I have worked on it "here and there" while I focused on other parts of my… Continue reading Welcome to Positively Proper!

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My Experience as a USO Elf

This article is not related to protocol or etiquette; however, I found this experience so special, I knew I had to share it. This Holiday Season, I had the privilege of being the Program Manager, or "Head Elf" as some affectionately referred to me, for USO-Metro's Project Elf. Project USO Elf supports military children of junior… Continue reading My Experience as a USO Elf


The Characteristics of a Great Volunteer

As a Program Specialist for a nonprofit organization, I rely heavily on my volunteers to ensure my programs run smoothly and to help me engage with our public. From preparation activities to program day, volunteers make my programs possible! So, what makes a great volunteer? Here are my thoughts on the characteristics of a volunteer… Continue reading The Characteristics of a Great Volunteer