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Hey y’all!

After moving into a new position with USO-Metro, I thought I would take a little time off to focus on the new role. Well… That hiatus ended up taking on a year (plus) life of its own. I have FINALLY had some time to work on new and creative pieces which I am excited to share with y’all.

As I continue to work on new material and pull from the experiences I have had, I am also looking to collect more ideas from my readers. What questions do y’all have and what do y’all want to know more about in the world of protocol and etiquette? Send me your questions and suggestions! You can submit them to my “Contact Me” page or comment directly on this post. I love being able to write posts directly focused on my readers and I look forward to seeing what y’all are interested in knowing more about!

Keep your eyes out for a new post next week!

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Happy New Year!

I cannot believe it is already time to say goodbye to 2014 and ring in 2015. This year has flown by, but it has been a great one. I am incredibly blessed!

To everyone who has been on my blogging journey with me, thank you! I am truly looking forward to continuing my writing in 2015. I have already started brainstorming topics, but I would love to hear questions, suggestions, and topics from all of you as well. Please send them my way!

As I say goodbye to 2014 and welcome a fabulous new year, I leave you with one of my favorite pieces of NYE advice 😉

Wishing you all love, laughter, happiness, good health, and lots of sparkles in 2015! Happy New Year!

Sparkle On,