Say Yes to the Dress: The Entourage

I recently had the opportunity of going with my cousin to her bridal appointment. To say it was an exciting event is an understatement! On my way to meet her, I started to think of how the appointment would be and what type of interactions and feedback the bride would want from those of us attending. It was my first time attending a bridal appointment so here are the tips and etiquette dos I learned!

  1. Allow the Bride to have the first say on a gown:
    • When you are looking at gowns in the showroom, ask the bride her opinion of a gown before handing it to the consultant or putting it in the bride’s room.
    • When the bride comes out to show you a gown, let the consultant get her in front of the mirror and allow the bride to see herself before making any comments. This will allow her to express her honest thoughts without being swayed by your immediate feedback.
  2. Remember your place:
    • Whether it is spoken or not, we all know there is a “hierarchy” within the attendees.
      • Mom, sister(s), and grandmothers come first – This is an important bonding moment between a mom and a daughter and/or between sisters, allow them to have the most interaction.
      • Maid/Matron of Honor – You are who the bride will lean on most so start practicing your best dress “fluffing” skills and be ready to test out those “Maid/Matron of Honor duties” early!
      • Bridesmaids, extended family, and friends – Take somewhat of a backseat to allow the others listed above to have a moment with the bride and share their feedback before sharing your own.
  3. When it is your turn to speak up, keep the Bride as your focus!
    • Some brides want a lot of feedback, while others are more personal – allow this to dictate how and when you give your feedback.
    • Be thoughtful in the comments you give. While honesty is always the best policy, honest feedback given in a kind manner is the most appreciated.
    • Similarly, some brides want a lot of excitement around their appointment (think matching shirts and big signs) while others do not like to be the center of attention. Ensure whatever you do makes the bride feel comfortable!
      • For example, if you have an understated bride, it may be best to leave the pom-poms, voting paddles, and other accessories at home.
  4. Remember the other elements of the wedding
    • Several factors come into play when picking out the perfect gown. Keep in mind:
      • Location of the wedding: A beach bride will probably be looking for a dress style different than a wedding taking place in a conservative place of worship.
      • Date of the wedding: Time of year plays a big factor in dress design and material.
      • Budget: Always be respectful of the bride’s budget.

Simply remember the end goal is to have a happy bride choose the dress SHE loves for HER big day! If you keep this and the bride in mind, you will be on the right path to ensuring she has the best bridal entourage in the studio!

Sparkle On,