A Polished Professional, Holiday Celebrations!

Celebrating Halloween at Work

Often times, offices like to celebrate holidays and if your office is anything like mine, be ready to celebrate BIG! Join in on the festivities with your co-workers, just be sure to do so appropriately. In the spirit of Halloween, I am sharing my tips for how to celebrate Halloween at work!

  1. Be Tasteful and Dress Appropriately
    • If you are allowed to dress up for work, be sure your outfit fits the regular dress code/policies for your organization.
      • Avoid outfits that are extremely short. For ladies, wear something that covers your legs the way a pencil skirt or work dress does.
      • Do not show your cleavage by wearing a low-cut costume top or bustier.
      • Try to stay away from outfits that have rips, holes, etc. in them. You still want to look clean-cut at work.
      • Avoid on shirts/costumes with inappropriate phrases or images.
    • Ensure you can still do your job in your costumes. (i.e. wearing so many accessories you can’t reach your keyboard = a non-productive work day and a frustrated boss)
    • Be culturally sensitive. For example, dressing up as a priest or nun may offend people of the Catholic faith.
    • Be sensitive to current events. For example, I used to work in a hospital and when Ebola was a very newsworthy topic of great concern to many people, dressing up in a Hazmat suit and walking into the hospital would have been guaranteed to unsettle people.
  2. Be Cautious with Decorative Make-Up
    • Avoid using bloody/gory make-up and designs that may scare clients, guests, patients, children, etc.
    • Add a little sparkle or some false eye lashes to your eye make-up, but be sure to keep it professional.
  3. Don’t Want to Wear a Costume?
    • Unless it is a costume party and you are “highly encouraged” (a.k.a. practically told) to participate by your boss, it is OK to not wear a costume. Instead, dress festive!
      • Wear black and orange.
      • Add a headband, hairpiece, or a fun clip for a little bit of flare.
      • Wear decorative accessories such as a Halloween tie, Fall themed socks, pumpkin earrings, or a skull and crossbones bracelet.
      • Decorate your desk!
  4. Contribute to the Party!
    • If your office is having a party, offer to bring something to contribute.
    • If you are not a good cook or baker, it is perfectly fine to buy something at the store. Tip: Put it on a nice plate/serving dish prior to getting to work so you do not show up with a bunch of store containers 😉
    • If the office does not need food, bring in festive party napkins, plates, or cups!
    • Help decorate the office!

I hope these tips contribute to your Halloween festivities and help make it a positive experience for the whole office!

Happy Halloween, y’all!



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