A Terrific Hostess

Celebrating Amidst COVID

With my birthday right around the corner, my excitement is in abundance! While the glitter, frosting, and sprinkles are still flowing, there is no doubt the celebrations this year will look a bit different due to the COVID Pandemic. I have been thinking about what goes into making a celebration special and how to keep these pieces while still taking the appropriate precautions needed. Here are my ideas on how best to ensure you celebrate a HAPPY birthday (or any special occasion) despite the changes we are all experiencing:

  1. Think About Your Guest List
    Due to the COVID Pandemic, it is not advised to host large gatherings. While this may put a wrench in your traditional celebrations, embrace this as an opportunity to spend quality time with smaller groups of family, friends, and/or colleagues. As I like to say, celebrate “birthday week” and spread out your celebrations among different groups. I have personally been doing this for years, and aside from getting to actually spend time talking with everyone present, an additional bonus is the excuse to have multiple cakes!
  2. Make a plan and a reservation!
    • The best thing to do is make a plan for your celebration and reserve a space ahead of time. This will avoid any wait time or the potential of not being able to go where you wish.
    • Most restaurants will only allow a maximum of 6 people per table; however, you can reserve more than one table and request those tables be next to each other. While you will likely not be able to move between the tables, you will still be close enough to enjoy all your company.
    • Ensure the restaurant is following current health guidelines and share that information with your guests ahead of the gathering.
  3. Think about transportation!
    Whether it is taking the Metro (hi DC friends!) or getting a Lyft/Uber, not everyone is comfortable with public transportation at this time. As a result, ensure you let your guests know what options are available for parking wherever you host your celebration.
    • If drinking will be involved, ensure there is a designated driver!
  4. Make your guests feel special! Although the celebration is about you, you are also the host (unless someone else has fully planned and given your celebration).
    • If you have guests from different social settings (family, friends from different stages of life, colleagues, etc.) introduce them to each other.
      • Feuding friends? Speak to them individually prior to your celebration and express you hope to see them both. If they are unable to put aside their differences, suggest celebrating with them individually at another time. This will help to avoid any unnecessary drama from unfolding at your celebration.
    • Whether you are having friends over for a small dinner party or getting together for a low key game night, have party favors! These do not need to be extravagant, simple is wonderful.
      • A few COVID themed ideas are hand sanitizer with a personalized label or a face mask!

I know many, if not all, celebrations this year have not gone as planned, but I hope these tips help you still enjoy your special day (or occasion)! Most importantly, always remember to be appreciative of the love that surrounds you (not just on your day, but everyday). With this in mind, enjoy your day, live it up, and wear your best smile!

To all my other September birthdays, I wish you a happy day filled with love, magic, abundance, and lots of cake!

Cheers, y’all!



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